Will Michael Jackson’s killer, Conrad Murray, be sentenced to the maximum 4 year term?

Given Murray’s immediate remand to custody, it appears unlikely Judge Pastor will give him anything but the maximum 4 years. Anything less might provoke rioting among Jackson’s multitudinous fan base..

The only justice for the Jackson family will not come from Murray’s jail sentence but by Murray never again being able to practice medicine, at least in this country.

Murray’s native Grenada would most certainly welcome him back to practice there.

Sociopath that Murray is, he would just as likely resume practice without a license after his release.

It would be truly wonderful if Michael Jackson’s anesthesia over-medication death would serve as a wake-up call to American patients to be sure to demand a brain monitor when having surgery under anesthesia.

Without a brain monitor, anesthesia over-medication is a routine, sometimes lethal, practice.

Patients 50 & over (like Jackson & the rest of us baby boomers) are especially sensitive to the risks of anesthesia over-medication: delirium, dementia, & death.

“No surgery under anesthesia without a brain monitor” is the public education message of the non-profit Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation.