Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation

Making brain monitoring a 21st century standard of anesthesia care for Major Surgery

Barry L. Friedberg M.D.
Board Certified Anesthesiologist
President and Foundation Founder

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Dr. Barry Friedberg on TruTV

Anesthesia Expert, Dr. Barry Friedberg on TruTV discusses how to avoid the dangerous side effects of anesthesia.

The Doctors – Too Much Anesthesia

Dr. Friedberg on The Doctors television show discussing the dangers of too much anesthesia and how it can be prevented.

Dr. Barry Friedberg on HLN

Nancy Grace, hosted by Jean Caserez, features Dr. Barry Friedberg again

Greg Laurence MD Testimonial

Tennessee based cosmetic surgeon talks about his experiences with Goldilocks anesthesia or the numerically reproducible, brain monitored, propofol ketamine anesthesia.

Dr. Friedberg on HLN 12-13-11

Nancy Grace asks Dr. Barry Friedberg, author of ‘Getting Over Going Under,’ a few questions about a child abduction case.

Dr. Friedberg on KNBC 10-19-11

Dr. Friedberg on KTLA 9-28-11

Dr. Friedberg on HLN 09-26-11

Dr. Friedberg on HLN 09-23-11

With Robin Meade & Ryan Smith