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Barry L. Friedberg M.D.
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Books written by Dr. Friedberg in the field of anesthesia for both professionals and the public.

Getting Over Going Under

For Public

Getting Over Going Under explains The Friedberg Method of Goldilocks Anesthesia in detail. It outlines how you can have your anesthesiologist more effectively keep you or your loved ones sedated and...


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Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery

For Professionals

This reference will focus on all of the procedures that the anesthesiologist needs to be proficient in to adequately care for this group of patients. Perioperative care and pain management will be covered for the full spectrum of...


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Papers and Other Publications

Various publications, press releases, and other information written by, about, or featuring Dr. Friedberg and the field of anesthesia.

Going Under

IN AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY, the patient experience is paramount. In addition to delivering fabulous results, surgeons must also provide the most pleasant surgery experience possible with the lowest risk to...



Light Sleeper

Using propofol (Diprivan; AstraZeneca), ketamine (Ketalar; Parke Davis), local anesthetic, and a bispectral index (BIS) monitor (Aspect Medical Systems, Inc., Norwood, Mass.), the minimally invasive anesthesia...



New Brain Study Confirms Anesthesia Risk in Elderly

NIH study validates warnings given by anesthesiologist Dr Barry Friedberg about the risk of brain damage during major surgery Singapore: A recent study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)...



Shocking Findings about what you need to know about Anesthesia

"The risks of being overanesthetized are many, including long term dementia, memory loss and even death." - Dr. Barry Friedberg, MD Stanford trained and board certified anesthesiologist for over three decades...