RE: Perhaps you are getting a better picture of just how hard it is to get my message out to the public.

Hi Barry,

Thank you for keeping me posted in your quest to inform the public of the dangers inherent in “going under.”

I watched with interest your interview; it made complete sense. The interviewer found it interesting and insightful as well. I believe you did more good than you will ever know. You have certainly opened my eyes.

As for the L.A. Times article about HLN that essentially belittles your effort to awaken the public to the dangers of anesthesia by referring to you as “a white robed man describing himself as an anesthesiologist dragging a rolling IV bag around campaigning for better sedation monitoring” I don’t think it understands the disservice it did.

I admire your courage and encourage you to keep up the good and necessary endeavor. Now, whenever I speak with anyone about to have surgery I tell them to Google your name and learn of the dangers in the anesthesia itself, as well as the surgery they are about to undergo.