Propofol & Michael Jackson’s death

We do not blame the automobile for the reckless drunk driver’s deaths. By his own public admission, Conrad Murray was reckless by giving Jackson propofol & leaving the room.

Hundreds of millions of patients worldwide have safely received propofol because someone was watching them breathe & monitoring their oxygenation.

Many medically licensed practitioners, nurses & physicians alike, have learned how to safely give propofol by taking this online course @ conscious sedation to learn how to combine direct brain measurement with pulse oximetry.

Conrad Murray was practicing as a cardiologist with hospital privileges to catheterize & stent diseased coronary arteries under propofol sedation & pulse oximetry. Despite this knowledge, he chose to buy the cheapest pulse oximeter monitor for Jackson – one that made no sounds & had no alarms.

Clearly, Murray does not believe the normal safety measures apply to his practice, behavior that defines him as a sociopath that never again deserves a license to practice medicine.