Preventing Post-op Delirium in May 2010 Outpatient Surgery Magazine

This month’s Outpatient Surgery Magazine features a neat little article on how to prevent post-op delirium.

Must have been written by an apologist for the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

Never once in the differential diagnosis of post-op delirium was the issue of anesthetic over medication considered and the possibility of radically mitigating (or even eliminating) post-op delirium by measuring the organ our anesthetics measure – the brain!

Also neglected in the author’s analysis was the that anesthesia over medication was responsible for nearly one death a day between 1999-2005. (Li G, Anesthesiol Apr. 2009)

What part of ‘medicate the brain – measure’ it escaped the author’s analysis?

Patients over 50, beware of anesthesia without a brain monitor!

The voice of Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation (.org) has spoken.