Like Michael Jackson, Could 60 Minutes’ Andy Rooney Be the Latest Victim of Anesthesia Over-Medication?

Americans’ minds and bodies, especially those over 50, are more susceptible to the sometimes, lethal effects of anesthesia without a brain monitor.


Newport Beach, California, United States of America ( October 31, 2011

“Michael Jackson unquestionably died from anesthesia over-medication,” says propofol expert, anesthesiologist Dr. Barry Friedberg.

No details of 60 Minutes’ Andy Rooney’s post-surgery problems have been released.

However, it is highly probable Andy had ‘minor’ surgery without brain monitored anesthesia.

Brain monitors are found in 75% of US hospitals yet, shockingly, only utilized 25% of the time.

One American surgery patient dies daily from anesthesia over-medication, a routine practice when no brain monitor is used.

Delirium is also an issue especially for patients with advancing age.

No delirium observed in elderly patients when general anesthesia over-medication was avoided; i.e. BIS 45-60 on a 0-100 scale.

Having surgery under anesthesia must be monitored with a brain monitor.

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Wishing all the best for Andy Rooney.

AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEWS OR QUOTES: Dr. Barry Friedberg, Anesthesiologist