Is your anesthesiologist still playing Marquis de Sade? Prevent postop pain, PONV & dementia after anesthesia

Pain after surgery is a function of pain during surgery. Goldilocks anesthesia offers the general public the answers to everyone’s anesthesia fears. Read ‘Getting Over Going Under’ today.

Newport Beach, California, United States of America ( July 25, 2011 — Sadism, so named after the Marquis de Sade, is watching pain inflicted on others.

Failure to get the ‘nifty fifty’ before your surgeon starts unintentionally enables your surgeon to inflict pain while you are unconscious and helpless to respond.

Pain during surgery is why most need narcotics for postop pain but not Goldilocks anesthesia patients.

The ‘nifty fifty’ is one part of Friedberg’s Triad discussed in detail in the recently published book, ‘Getting Over Going Under,’ available from most online sellers in print, Kindle & MP3 audio formats.

All proceeds support the public education mission of the non-profit Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation.

Using Goldilocks anesthesia prevents postoperative pain, postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) and dementia after anesthesia.

You owe it to yourself to avoid the long term consequences of your short term anesthesia care.

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