Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson, & American Society of Anesthesiologists: Inconvenient Truths


Newport Beach, California, United States of America (

Propofol is only lethal when failure to watch & monitor the patient’s breathing leads to failure intervene when oxygen levels drop.

Trial testimony: for $40/month, Nonin leases a pulse oximeter with alarms to alert Conrad Murray into action long before Michael Jackson’s propofol dosed body ran out of oxygen.

1996 FDA approved BIS brain monitors are found in 75% of US hospitals yet only used 25% of the time.

With failure to advocate universal use of a $20 BIS sensor, the American Society of Anesthesiologists appears willing to accept nearly one American surgery patient’s death every day.

Michael Jackson is only the most famous American to die of avoidable anesthesia over-medication, a routine, sometimes lethal, practice without a brain monitor.

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AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEWS OR QUOTES: Dr. Barry Friedberg, Anesthesiologist, Founder, Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation