Conrad Murray & American Society of Anesthesiologists: Both Appear Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter

Without a brain monitor, anesthesia over medication is a routine, sometimes lethal, practice.


Newport Beach, California, United States of America (

Conrad Murray physically abandoned Michael Jackson, directly leading to Jackson’s anesthesia over medication death.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) has metaphysically abandoned American surgery patients, directly leading to nearly one anesthesia over medication death every day.

A $20 sensor for the brain monitor (found in 75% of hospitals) could have avoided both scenarios.

The FDA approved the BIS brain monitor 15 years ago. Yet the ASA has stubbornly resisted encouraging widespread use.

Americans should be outraged to learn the ASA appears more concerned with receiving millions of drug company dollars over preserving patients’ lives.

Anesthesia medicates the brain. BIS measures the brain’s response. Measuring is better than guessing.

If you or a loved one needs surgery under anesthesia, demand BIS or go elsewhere for your surgery.

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