People Magazine cites propofol AND ketamine in separate articles in same issue

No sooner than I sent an excited e-mail to my long time friend and colleague in Florida, Anthony ‘Tony’ Kirkpatrick,MD, PhD, about me appearing on pg. 54 of the August 10th, 2009 issue of People magazine then he replied with, that’s amazing, I am in the SAME issue, on page 70.

I was cited as an anesthesia expert about propofol and brain monitoring adding to the safety of propofol administration as it related to the Michael Jackson story.

Tony was cited for his good works with ketamine comas for ‘re-booting’ the patient’s brains with RSD or reflex sympathetic dystrophy and giving them their lives back to live without intolerable pain.

I congratulate my friend on BOTH his accomplishments of healing those desparately painfully sick RSD patients and getting some long deserved public recognition for his efforts!

Truly an amazing coincidence of timing!