Murray Guilty, Propofol Not!

More than 2 years after the avoidable death of Michael Jackson, a Los Angeles jury handed out the responsibility that Conrad Murray had denied.

When Judge Pastor asked for his plea, Conrad Murray blurted, “I am an innocent man.”

Murray’s defense sought to place blame everywhere aside from Murray’s shoulders, but the jury did not buy the claims.

“The general public has been needlessly traumatized over the safety of propofol” said anesthesiologist, Dr. Barry Friedberg. “I have said from the outset that propofol is safe, but Conrad Murray was not,”

The Michael Jackson chapter of ‘Getting Over Going Under’ concludes with ‘the only thing more reckless Murray could have done was take Jackson up in a plane and push him out without a chute.’

Prospective patients need not fear propofol but only need to assure that they will be watched and monitored, two things clearly absent in Murray’s negligent care.