More ‘royal’ fun as a book author

Today, Larry King had a book signing in Huntington Beach that I got to attend. After he autographed his book for me, I presented him an autographed copy of ‘Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery.’

At first, he seemed a bit surprised, as if not many people gave him things at his book signings.
He quickly recovered.

Then he asked, ‘Did I do the surgery or the anesthesia?’ I said, ‘The anesthesia.’

He asked, ‘Why did I choose anesthesia?’
I said, ‘I liked to see people look better if that’s what they wanted.’

Then, I gave him my 2 X 3 inch reproduction of the Lone Ranger standing in front of his horse ‘Silver’ with a ‘silver’ bullet in the plastic bag.

He was very touched and asked why. I said, Larry King, truth, justice and the American way of life.

The entire encounter took about 15 seconds but it was a great moment to experience for me.
I wanted to share it with you.