Conrad Murray propofol defense hard to swallow

People magazine failed to accurately quote my comments. I also said it wouldn’t matter if Jackson swallowed propofol or if Santa Claus came down the chimney to give propofol, nothing would relieve Murray of his responsibility to have watched and monitored his patient.

The defense is desperately looking for the slightest technicality with which to bamboozle at least one gullible juror into ‘reasonable doubt’ & acquit Murray.

Recent attempts to rehab Murray’s public image to the potential juror pool show TV footage of him at his ‘poor folks’ clinic in Houston along with the statement that he has never been sued for malpractice. What utter nonsense. Only a smooth talking, charmer of a sociopath like Murray can go 25 years+ without ever being sued. The average anesthesiologist gets sued every 8 years.

The only credible representation Murray makes is one that can be independently verified. When Murray returned to Jackson’s bedroom to find Jackson’s pupils fixed & dilated, he had to know his patient was already brain dead. Everything afterwards (the useless CPR, calling 911 & insisting on CPR continuing on a dead person) was purely for show to make Murray appear like the caring physician he is most clearly not.

Murray is an absolute disgrace to the medical profession and does not deserve to be called ‘doctor.’ Sadly, even if convicted and faces the legal maximum penalty, it will be scant justice for the Jackson family.

My modest proposal is to use the public education message of my non-profit Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation – no more anesthesia over medication deaths – to serve as a living memorial to Michael, yet one last way for him to help others like he so often did while he was alive.

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