ADA Walgren missed the point on Paul White cross exam

LA ADA David Walgren did a great job with Dr. Paul (cited 2X for contempt) White but missed the essential point:

Jackson could not have died from 25 mg propofol push in the 2 minutes Murray claimed to have been out of the room – just one of the multitude of lies Murray has spun to cover his a**.

Now the defense has suddenly suggested Jackson was already dead when Murray returned to the room. Duh.

Blown pupils are a sign of brain death which follows a minimum of 3-5 minutes without heart pumping activity.

Doesn’t really matter if breathing stoppage or abnormal heart rhythm (White’s ‘suggestion’) was the cause of the heart failing to pump oxygen carrying blood to the brain.

The lethal activity was leaving Jackson alone – reckless negligence, depraved indifference – guilty of involuntary manslaughter unless we’ve imported the Casey Anthony jury.

Stay tuned…